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tv   [untitled]    March 18, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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provide some presentings, the renaissance center has their women's center program and i think commissioner ortiz-cartagena, i would like to talk to you about what we can do with metta doing a presentation. and then programs assisting growing businesss and what programs are out there? issues around financing that women businesses may have? and there are day-to-day issues that i have talked to a few people in the industry. that either prevent women from being entrepreneurs or are issues for the small women entrepreneurs around health care, child-care and various other elements on terms of day-to-day. day-to-day living issues, that have an effect on being a women entrepreneur. so i will keep
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you apprised. there will probably be a few other topics and what would be good is we will be sending out -- i think by the end of the week -- what i would like to do, to ask you, any women entrepreneurs that you know? kind of what the topics and have them come and make public comment, to provide some public comment. and then if there is anything that you would like to also see be presented for you as the commission or commissioners, you would like to hear or have a presentation on? certainly please share it with me now or within the next week. then last week, we met with the director of the early child-care and education of the human services agency and that entity deals with child-care
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providers from the larger, you know, professional child-care organizations for-profit, non-profit to your child-care providers that work inside their homes. so the primary focus was talking about how could we work together? what way can we work together to assist the smaller child-care providers in running and operating their business? you know, maintaining -- because they are just individuals who do this for love and they don't necessarily think about the business organization. so we have just started having a conversation and a dialogue and i don't know exactly what is going to transpire from here, but just to have the information. we shared with michelle the information that we provide at the assistance center, when an individual or individuals come in, who want to do child-care especially child-care in their home. what are the rules? what
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are the regs? and also, more importantly, what sort of support is out there? hsa does have some financing programs and some technical assistance programs that they do as well. so part of our discussion was how can we better integrate that with our neighborhood economic development organizations, and things of that sort? so that was just a really -- those are the kind of things that i like to do and work on with different departments. and that we're really thinking about some of our smallest employers. but who also leading up to the issue that was before this with women entpreneurs that also have tremendous impact for individuals as well. i am not going to review -- there just some brief updates
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in terms of some of the legislation and policy and just note that supervisor reed has reintroduced the divisadero and fillmore districts. the 415628 i'm keeping tabs working with jason eliot, just on where things are. it's still before the puc for evaluation. they still -- the comment period for businesses, individuals to provide comment to the public is still there. and i think some of our
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recommendations may not be -- how do i want to put it? the puc may not be able to consider, the california public utilities commission, the cpuc and this is around maintaining without doing the direct overlay, but maintaining the 415 area code for as along as possible. so i will just continue to keep you apprised as those developments happen. the affordable care act, so we received our presentation today. but then on the other hand in terms of outreach/education, the grant has been submitted. dph is the lead on that, and our office, with some other agencies, would be subcontractors with that master
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grant. we will know april 26th about the grant being award. i do feel confident that we will get something. there are other agencies submitting grants outside of what dph is doing. so it will be unknown if covered california will award the entire grant to dph or whether they might give us some of it and those other agencies some of it. i do feel confident that dph will get a pretty good portion of it. and then from there, we have a certain percentage of it for us to be able to hire to do some outreach and education, which i think, as you heard today is going to be extremely important . so then also with the wage
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task force, we had the last -- two weeks ago, we had the presentation for businesses as part of the wage test task force. and so don houston of el rio and karen hessler, are the business representatives on the task force and myself, presented on what businesses have to go through to open their business? what are the state, federal and local regulations that businesses need to be aware of and to comply with? what was interesting is that there is both don and both karen and one business knew about california employers association, which is a non-profit entity that is there to help businesses with human resource issues.
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and it's really designed for smaller businesses, and then one business didn't know about it. so this really helped for us to demonstrate the complexities. and i think there is always just this assumption that you put something into law and businesses know about it. and that really, not until a business gets to be about 100 employees, do they start having, according to the california employers association sort of in-house human resources person on staff. so this really helped us to sort of demonstrate the complexity. i think our kind of message is with the task force is more regulation may not necessarily be the need to deal with wage test and that we need to strengthen what is there. so that was kind of orientation
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was to demonstrate the amount of regulation that is currently there. and then i wanted to with the last two items are calendar item march 19th general services agency and contract monitoring division as parts of march as being international women's month for the commissioner on the status of women. they are doing a women's business enterprise workshop for women lbes and sbes and march 13 and march 23, thank you commissioner adams for the connection that bart is holding their revamping a program for small business program. and so they are do{alt+}{alt+shift+}dner kleinwort wasserstein doing outreach and education about
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how to do contracting with bart. and that concludes my report, unless you have any questions. >> thank you director dick-endrizzi. >> march 23rd is the meeting open to the public? >> it's open to the public. >> it's free, so it's open to the public. and the march 23rd is at the west bay conference center in the fillmore. and the march 13 is at city college on valencia street on the mission campus. >> i do have a flier here, if anyone is interested? >> just one? >> we can forward you that information. >> they are going to do a
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special blast, i think, that is what jane said at the office. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you, director dick-endrizzi. >> next item please >> commissioners, item 12, president's report, allows the president to report on recent small business activities and make announcements that are of interest to the small business community. >> have i got a couple of things here. and both of them have to do with the department of public works. dpw, i i participated in the graffiti abatement because dpw is trying to get businesses to sign up if you see [tkpwra-ufrts/] on public
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property such as trashcans or benches or walls. you can always call 311 or we're trying to get as many business owners to go out to these classes and they give you the whole kit. i got my vest. i got my paint. they give you the scapers to scrape off of utility pole and i really enjoyed it. i had my green paint in the back of the car and painted a trashcan really quick, but we're trying to get as many small businesses, especially in the merchant corridor to take
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this class to get your graffiti clean kit. because like i said, you can always call 311 and within 2, 3 minutes you can do-it-yourself and with america's cup coming up and tourist season, we're going to have a lot of people in our neighborhoods here. so that is just one thing that neighborhood businesss can do. and the other thing that dpw does and i signed up for this as well is called "sf giants sweep." and it's getting everybody to sign the pledge and they are asking schools and businesses and residences and this is another area where they are trying to get people in the small business corridors to sign up and sweep around your businesses, and not just sweep it in the street, but sweep it up and put it in a trash receptacle.
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you can go to and further down in the agenda i will ask if a representative of dpw can present to the merchant groups to join on these programs, which i think is really important. it's all about loving your neighborhoods. that is what i have today. keep it clean and green. >> commissioner item 13, vice president's report. >> i actually went to the opening of the new market in
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the divisadero and i encourage everybody to go out. >> i heard they had a line up to get in. >> they did, for the ice cream. >> next item. >> commissioner 14, commissioner reports >> commissioner o'brien? >> not to report per se, but just to let everyone know that i received a communication today that we are going to -- they are going to show the new tracking system that has been a work in progress for many, many years. we're going to see their working alpha version, this week or not week and i will be going to see it. so i will be reporting back to everybody on how stable it is and what it looks like.
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it's pretty exciting. at a lot of people in the small business community and builders and everybody will be able to utilize this system. so i will report back on what it looks like. >> thank you. commissioner dooley. >> we had someone come from sf travel to our north beach association and they mentioned that they would like to be more involved with promoting small business, especially in the neighborhood corridors. and i think that is someone that we should really get involved with. they were really enthusiastic to support small businesses, the life blood of how they see people coming to san francisco. so i was very pleased that they reached out and said they are willing to help us in any
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way that we can think of. >> great. thank you. commissioner dwight. >> i will add to that that sf travel is a great organization. we have done a lot of work with them at ricksha bag work and with triple a flag and banner and with a number of organizations in the city. like a couple of the museums and other organizations to get pvc out of the outdoor advertisementing environment and sf travel really helped convene this whole effort to come up with environmentally friendly alternative. there is a big press release coming out soon about triple a's efforts to provide new materials for outdoor advertising. sf travel really a great organization and they really understand that small business helps make san francisco a unique place to come. and supporting the
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neighborhoods and trying to promote the neighborhoods through their newly revamped visitor's center at the powell street station. near holiday plaza. they did a beautiful job. the architectural makeover and they are some great info graphics there and volunteers who are helping tourists and locals alike to find out more about the city. >> i would also like to add to that, sf travel is going to be introducing a new part of their website, which will be great for our commercial corridors. which is that they would like the merchants associations to create itineraries, and they will be linking our itineraries for our different neighborhoods onto their website and they are creating a whole new section; which will be devoted to when you are in san francisco, you
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know, by neighborhood? what interesting things to do? so they encouraged us to start thinking of little different outings, you know? be it shopping, dining, nightlife, and they will be putting all of our itineraries online. so i think that is a great thing for all of the neighborhoods >> great. any other commissioner comments? next all right, please. >> commissioners you are on item 15, general public comment. >> any general public comment. >> welcome steve. leslie and steve today. i love this. >> hello, i'm talking steven cornell with the pope district merchant's association and commissioner dooley is well aware and had meeting with our merchants. we're having a real problem on polk street without getting into all the details.
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there is the van ness rapid transit plan one block away from polk street and to change it from less parking. one has nothing do with the other when it comes to mta and that is what i am presenting to you that hopefully you look at in the future, not necessarily the merits of this one is good and this is one bad or whatever. the idea that they are thinking one has nothing to do with the other. one block away, two major streets with a lot of changes in parking and traffic. hopefully you will look at it in the future. thank you. >> great. thank you.
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any other public comment? seeing none, public comments is closed. new business? >> commissioners item 16, new business. >> i would like to add two things. i would like to see if we can have dpw come and just talk about those programs. sf clean sweep and the graffiti project at one of the meetings and maybe at a future meeting, because that is really key what steve just said. >> the merchants on polk street would like to like that opportunity to come and speak about the proposal, and just kind of air it out and hear what we have to say. >> yes. because that is becoming a problem in other areas, too. so maybe somebody from mta can come. if they are not talking, why don't we have them come here and talk here, you know? it does have to do with small
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business. not next meeting. at a future meeting. >> i am keeping in touch in general, but i think it would be good to have them come. >> because it's happening in a lot of other areas, too, with the street-widening project on castro street and the loss of parking is becoming an issue all over town? >> and also we might want to consider with mta, outreach is not always satisfactory. so we need to address those things before they become a crisis. >> because it is affecting a lot of businesses in these corridors. >> yes. any other new business? next item, please. >> commissioners, item 17 is adjournment, is there a motion to adjourn. >> i move. >> do we have a second? >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> .
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meeting is adjourned at 7:25. >> thank you everyone.. >> this is true, none of the people here, next we will hear from our mayor. when we had some violence in the bayview two or three years ago between asians and blacks mayor lee met with me on a weekly basis so i know he wants to do, i saw first hand up close and personal, something else he does to end the violence.
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>> thank you, joe. thank you very much, congressman pelosi for being here, and harrison thompson to help me take such swift action to have a national dialogue. congresswoman spear for your personal experience and what you are doing now, we're really grateful. i'm just one of many mayors. i want you to know that being part of the u.s. conference of mayors i had a lot of discussions with other mayors who are faced with tremendous challenges in their cities and if i have learned anything in the last couple years being both interim mayor and the new mayor and many of you know i'm not a lifelong politician, so i learned the politics of this job somewhat on the job. but one of the things i do know at heart is that we all struggle with this and we know it can
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never be an answer only that the police can solve or law enforcement in general, that we quickly learn that mental health, that preventing ammunition and guns from getting on the street, that education, job training, paying attention to housing, poverty, isolation, all of those elements lead to the uptick in violence. that's actually quite a strong lesson for all of us mayors to learn as we ask each other for help in solving this. and i want to thank all of you in this audience from adult probation, juvie probation, inter98 (inaudible) for helping me carve what we can do in this city. many of you know i've been a champion for jobs and i truly believe job creation and better economics is going to be
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a big answer. but it isn't the only answer because i quickly realized, i can't give a dead kid a job in this city. there's no answer for that. we've got to find better answers for people who are confronted with decisions they have to make to not take the violent road for that decision. and it starts early and many of you reminded me, start now, mayor, start investing in education. start investing in community based ways in which we can reduce the attitude that violence can resolve something. and then make sure we work with our health departments and our medical experts to get to the things that people can't control among themselves. these are all things that i'm learning quickly and i asked for help and i'm getting it and that no mayor of any city should ever faced with these kinds of gun violence and so
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forth should stop asking for help because the answers will come forward with everybody participates and everybody contributing in all these aspects. many of you know that i struggled with the uptick in gun violence this past summer. the chief and i were on the telephone and on the texting every morning finding out which of our children died the previous night. and it isn't a good thing. it isn't good to wake up to this. you know that, many of you who work in this community know that that is not what you want to either wake up to or go into the night on. and so i always try to picture who that youth was and what he or she may have been had they had a chance to get past this and that then i have to go over
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in my head, have i done everything that i could as a mayor? and this is something where i think the national dialogue has to take us. it's not about so much politics, although there's been a heavy dose of that. all of us in addition to what happened at sandy hook, what happens every single day we're reminded about, have to take this personally. we have to personalize this for ourselves if it means even picturing our own kids walking down third street or tennessee street or in chinatown or in the mission, what can they be confronted with? how can we improve conditions for this not to happen. so all of us have to make sure that when it comes to the national and the regional and the local discussion about guns and about ammunition that we've got to make this personal to ourselves. we've got to really talk to everybody about this so that we can keep pushing for the reforms, getting these automatic weapons and munitions
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off our streets. there's no place for that. there is no place for these kinds of weapons to be on our streets. at the same time recommitting ourselves to the things that we do have control over that we must do. the local gun buy backs and joe, again, thank you for you and omega boys club working with police and all the other law enforcements to get the gun buy backs we have are in planning now an additional 4 events for gun buy back events to try to take them out of our public housing, out of our communities, our streets, doing the best we can to prevent this from happening. and as a mayor i'm going to continue speaking out with representative pelosi and congresswoman spear and senator feinstein to create that national policy, but guess what? whatever we do locally, whether i work